Tebay Services Farm Shop Review

Tebay Services Farm Shop Review
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Tebay Services was opened in 1972 by John and Barbara Dunning, after the M6 motorway was built through the Lune Gorge and over Shap summit, cutting across Orton Low Moor on their family farm.

When they learned that the Department of Transport wanted to build a motorway service area on the moor, these young farmers, recently married, won a bid to build and operate the new services

Tebay Services opened in 1972 on the northbound carriageway, and was the UK’s first family-run motorway service area, Tebay Services Southbound opened in 1992.

The family continued to farm lamb, Herdwick mutton, and native-breed beef in the hills and pastures surrounding Tebay Services.

After building a cutting room at Tebay Southbound in 2004, they began to butcher and sell their lamb and beef direct to the public.

The close relationship between the farm and the Tebay Services butchers ensures a year-round supply of 100 percent traceable home-produced lamb, beef, and Herdwick mutton.

In 2003, in the wake of the 2001 Foot and Mouth crisis they opened the famous Tebay Services Farmshop which brings together thousands of the finest local foods, crafts, and clothes from the farm and a wider community of farmers and artisan producers.

Today over 70 small local businesses from within 30 miles of the site sell their wares at Tebay Services.

The Tebay Services Kitchen serves great-tasting and nutritious food, made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients, including their own home-reared beef and lamb.

Where does Tebay Services produce come from?

Tebay Services products come either from the farm or from other local producers mostly within 30 miles of the services.

How much does delivery cost?

Products are only available to buy directly from the shop, there isn’t a delivery service.

What are Tebay Services’ opening times?

The shop is open 7 days a week from 7 am-10 pm, the butchery is open from 8 am-6 pm

Who owns Tebay Services?

Tebay Services is owned by the Dunning family.

Is Tebay Services really organic?

Tebay services are not a certified organic business but it’s possible their suppliers are.

How do I contact Tebay Services?

Their postal address is Westmorland Place, Orton, Penrith CA10 3SB, United Kingdom

M6 Southbound

Check out Tebay Services on easyfarmshop.co.uk

Do Tebay Services have an app?

Not at this time.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

They don’t claim that their packaging is environmentally friendly, but they are trying to do things to help, for example, they are reducing the use of single-use cups in their restaurants

Are Tebay Services reliable?

Google gives Tebay Services 4.4 from 12,665 reviews.

Where can I get more answers to my questions about Tebay Services?

Try the Tebay Services FAQ

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